ModernLife Two-Piece Toilet, 3/4.5L with Slim Functional Seat, S-trap (305mm)

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  • Revolution 360™ platform generates powerful swirling 360-degree coverage for optimized hygiene; invisible rim channel without ledge leaving nowhere to hide for germs and dirt
  • 30° beveled rim allows excessive liquid on rim surface to fall back into the toilet bowl, ensuring greater hygiene
  • CLEANCOAT™ applied on the ceramics ensures liquids to bead-up to prevents dirt and water stains
  • Ultra-thin tank lid and seat made by UF material intensifies modern sense of style
  • Stacked seat design for easy lifting, prevents user directly touching the ceramic, offering a more hygienic user experience
  • Apron skirted bowl eliminates unnecessary edges and corners, facilitating fast and thorough cleaning of all areas
  • Nightlight option offers you a safer and more convenient experience during the night
  • Built-in fragrance delivers pleasing scent to enhance your bathroom environment
  • 90º Quick-Release functionality simplifies seat removal easy-cleaning of upper bowl
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